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What is Can You Escape Heartbreak?

Can You Escape Heartbreak is a whimsical and fast-paced game that blends elements of puzzle-solving, escape room challenges, and dodging mechanics. Set in a surreal world, players find themselves trapped alongside the children of an insane yandere rooster, tasked with purging their broken hearts to secure their freedom before it's too late.

How to play:

  • Navigate the Room: Explore your surroundings, interacting with objects and environments to uncover clues and progress through the game.
  • Engage in Bullet Hell Battles: Utilize quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive intense bullet hell battles against various enemies.
  • Make Choices: Decide the fate of characters you encounter, weighing the consequences of your actions as you progress towards different endings.
  • Uncover Secrets: Dive deep into the game's world to uncover hidden secrets and unravel the mysteries surrounding your character's past.



Engage in three battles featuring over 20 unique attacks. The gameplay introduces innovative bullet hell mechanics, offering a fresh twist on traditional combat experiences.


Navigate through glitchy and broken environments, each corner hiding secrets waiting to be uncovered. Expect to encounter vibrant renditions of popular 2017 memes brought to life, adding a quirky and nostalgic touch to the game's atmosphere.


Explore a vast world filled with three distinct enemies to defeat or befriend. Players must strategize and make tough decisions regarding who to sacrifice and who to save, adding depth to the gameplay and narrative.


With three different endings to discover, players can shape the outcome of their journey. Unravel the secrets and mysteries in the game to uncover the truth about your past, adding layers of intrigue and replay value.

 Can You Escape Heartbreak offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, blending challenging gameplay mechanics with an engaging narrative and quirky aesthetics. Dive into this wacky adventure and see if you have what it takes to overcome heartbreak and secure your freedom!

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