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What is Five Nights At Horror Games?

Five Nights At Horror Games plunges players into a spine-chilling world filled with malevolent entities and lurking dangers. Set within the eerie confines of a haunted hospital, players must navigate through the darkness and evade the sinister entities known as Huggy Lee and Granny Grandmother. With only surveillance cameras and limited electricity at their disposal, players must rely on their wits and vigilance to survive the night.

How to Play

Surviving the night in Five Nights At Horror Games requires keen observation and quick reflexes. Here's how to play:

Monitor Your Surroundings: Keep a close eye on the hospital's security systems, using surveillance cameras to track the movements of Huggy Lee and Granny Grandmother. Stay vigilant for any signs of danger lurking in the shadows.

Manage Your Resources: With only a small amount of electricity available, players must carefully control the use of surveillance cameras to conserve power. Balancing the need for visibility with the imperative to preserve energy is essential for survival.

Avoid the Horrors: Throughout the night, players will encounter various threats, including Huggy Lee and Granny Grandmother, both of whom will stop at nothing to ensnare their prey. Remain vigilant and stay one step ahead of these malevolent entities to evade capture and survive until dawn.

Tips for Success

  • Prioritize monitoring areas where Huggy Lee and Granny's Grandmother are most likely to appear.
  • Use surveillance cameras strategically to maximize visibility while minimizing power consumption.
  • Listen carefully for auditory cues that signal the presence of danger, such as strange noises or footsteps.
  • Keep track of your surroundings and be prepared to act quickly if threatened by Huggy Lee or Granny Grandmother.


  • A chilling atmosphere is set within the confines of a haunted hospital, immersing players in a world of terror and suspense.
  • Dynamic gameplay that challenges players to adapt to changing circumstances and evolving threats throughout the night.
  • Multiple endings based on the player's actions and decisions, offering replay value and opportunities for exploration.

Intense survival mechanics that require resource management, strategic planning, and quick thinking to outwit the sinister entities hunting you.
Prepare yourself for a night of heart-pounding terror and suspense in Five Nights At Horror Games. Can you survive until dawn, or will you fall victim to the horrors that lurk within the shadows? The choice is yours but remember—every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

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