About That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is a gripping 2D horror game that adds a unique twist to the job simulator genre. Set in a 1955 apartment building, players take on the role of a doorman facing a chilling dilemma: the world is plagued by doppelgangers, sinister creatures that mimic humans perfectly for sinister purposes. As the first line of defense, players must navigate a tense and eerie atmosphere, tasked with identifying and thwarting these doppelgangers before they infiltrate the building and wreak havoc.

How to Play That's Not My Neighbor:

  • Assume the Role of the Doorman: Players step into the shoes of a doorman, responsible for greeting residents and ensuring the security of the apartment building. However, the job takes on a sinister turn as players must also identify and stop doppelgangers from entering.
  • Verify Tenant Identities: Using a variety of methods, players must verify the identities of tenants to distinguish them from doppelgangers. This may involve checking IDs, confirming apartment numbers, and even making phone calls to confirm arrivals. Pay close attention to details and be wary of any suspicious behavior.
  • Navigate Increasing Suspicion: As the game progresses, players will encounter increasingly suspicious characters, adding to the tension and atmosphere. Making the wrong decision can have dire consequences, adding a moral weight to the player's role as they must balance the safety of the residents with the need to identify and stop the doppelgangers.
  • Experience Suspenseful Gameplay: That's Not My Neighbor is designed to immerse players in a suspenseful and chilling atmosphere, keeping them on the edge of their seats as they navigate the challenges of identifying doppelgangers. The game's unique concept and tense gameplay have already garnered a positive response, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.
  • Stay Tuned for Updates: While That's Not My Neighbor is still under development, the available demo has received praise for its innovative concept and immersive gameplay. Players can expect more updates and developments as the game progresses, promising even more thrills and suspense in the full release.

In That's Not My Neighbor, players will find themselves drawn into a world of mystery and suspense, where every decision matters and danger lurks around every corner. Are you ready to uncover the truth and protect the residents from the sinister threat of the doppelgangers?

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