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What is Unanswered?

Unanswered is an eerie and suspenseful indie horror game that challenges players to navigate through a mysterious and terrifying environment. As a young boy who wakes up in an unknown and nightmarish place, you must muster courage and resourcefulness to escape from the clutches of the monstrous entities that inhabit this eerie realm.

How to Play Unanswered

 - Setting the Scene: You start as a young boy who finds himself trapped in a place that seems straight out of his worst nightmares. The environment is filled with ominous creatures and eerie surroundings that create a chilling atmosphere.

 - Objective: Your primary goal in Unanswered is to find a way out of this terrifying place and return home safely. To do so, you'll need to navigate through dark corridors, solve puzzles, and evade or confront the terrifying inhabitants that seek to harm you.

 - Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Exploration: Explore your surroundings carefully to uncover clues and pathways that lead you closer to escape.
  • Survival Tactics: Use your wit and courage to outsmart or avoid the monstrous entities lurking in the shadows. Some creatures may be scared away by your flashlight, providing a temporary means of defense.
  • Problem-Solving: Encounter puzzles and challenges that require logical thinking and strategy to overcome. These may involve manipulating the environment or finding items that aid in your escape.

 - Survival Tips:

  • Stay vigilant: Remain alert and attentive to your surroundings. Monsters may lurk around every corner, and being aware can help you anticipate threats.
  • Use Your Resources: Utilize your flashlight effectively to ward off enemies or illuminate dark areas that conceal dangers or clues.
  • Navigate Carefully: Move cautiously to avoid traps or ambushes set by the creatures that inhabit this nightmarish realm.

 - Progression:

  • Fear and Tension: Experience a heightened sense of fear and tension as you delve deeper into the dark and mysterious world of Unanswered.
  • Achieve Escape: Strategize and persevere through the challenges presented to ultimately find a way to escape and return to safety.

Unanswered offers players a gripping horror experience with its atmospheric setting, challenging gameplay, and a narrative that unfolds through exploration and survival tactics. Prepare yourself for a journey into darkness where courage and quick thinking are your greatest allies against the unknown horrors that await.

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